September 2017 Meeting - Weight Management, Portion Sizes and Healthy Living

September 2017 Meeting - Weight Management, Portion Sizes and Healthy Living

Gillian Ball, who is a Diabetes Dietician for Community Diabetes and Mid Essex Hospital’s, gave a presentation to around 30 members at our September 2017 meeting.

Gill advised the group that there are around 108 variables that contribute towards keeping our weight in check.  Some items that affect our weight include social, psychological, biological and medical factors.  

There have been many studies into weight loss. It is well recognised that people consistently eat more food when offered larger portions.  People often expect a larger weight loss than actually takes place.  

Before loosing weight a suggestion was to keep a food diary.  The food diary should be as comprehensive as you can make it.  This will help you identify what you can cut out of your diet.  

Small losses in weight (around 1lb to 9lb) can produce a positive effect.   To loose weight a person needs to reduce their calorie intake by 600 calories a day.  The calorie reduction has to be over a sustained period of time.

One way to loose weight is to purchase a plate that shows the food groups and the proportion of food in that group, which should be eaten.

When eating healthily you should consider having regular meals; having the correct carbohydrate portions (especially if you are type one); have at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day; reduce your fat intake and salt intake and keep an eye on alcohol intake.

Exercise alone will not lead to any weight loss unless it is 60 minutes or more per day.  

Weight loss advice can be obtained from
ACE weight loss services – 0800 022 4524
NHS choices website
Groups such as Weightwatchers and Slimming world
NHS change for life