Retinal Screening

People who have Diabetes have the right to have their eyes screened for Retinopathy annually.

The eye screening service in Chelmsford has now moved into the old Melborne Surgery site in Gloucester Road in the North West of Chelmsford. People who have to attend the Retinal Screening Clinic have to have eye drops placed in their eyes.  This means that they can not drive to and from the venue. Members have advised us it is hard to get to and from the venue using public transport. 

The Diabetes UK Chelmsford and District Voluntary Group now has the figures for attendance of the Retinal Screening Service by Doctors Surgery.  The figures for April 2012 to March 2013 do not include those patients who are under hospital care for their sight, whereas the figures from April 2011 to March 2012 do include all those who are under hospital care.  As the figures do not make a like for like comparison our group is going to ask the retinal screening service for figures for the year to March 2014 next April.   Once a like for like comparison can be made our Group will be able to take the matter forward.

If you have experienced any difficulties with the Retinal Screening service in Chelmsford please contact Christine Deal via email at