November 2016 Members Meeting

Our group invited Dr David Long, who is a researcher at the University College, London, to speak about his project called ' Fishing for an answer on Kidney disease'.  

Dr Long presented to a large turnout of members.  He provided an overview of how he grew up in Brentwood and then studied renal biology at the University of Southampton. He then went on to undertake research at Universtiy College London.  Whilst at UCL Dr Long was awarded a fellowship and went to America.  Following his time in America he returned to UCL to undertake Kidney research.  He then won funding from Diabetes UK to try to understand and then develop interventions to slow down the advancement of Kidney disease.

Once Diabetic Kidney disease is diagnosed it can not be reversed.  The GP will advise the patient to make lifestyle changes to slow down the advancement of the disease. Dr Long advised there are two models that research can follow:- the first is to look at hypothosis driven research and the second is canditate research.  Dr Longs project uses the canditate methodology.  Zebra Fish are used as they model disease very quickly.  The fish are made hyperglycaemic and then are tested on a range of drugs to see what drugs work.  

Drugs that work will then be examined more carefully and be the subject matter of further research.

The group witnessed the Christmas raffle draw.  There were 14 prizes ranging from a Christmas hamper to bottles of wine.

Four lucky winners received a monetary prize in our hundred club draw.

16 November 2016