John Lewis Partnership - Donation

John Lewis Partnership - Donation

The committee of the Chelmsford and District Diabetes UK group would like to inform you that the group has been chosen as one of three charities that the John Lewis Store in Chelmsford will be supporting during the period 1 February 2017 to 30 April 2017.  Every John Lewis and Waitrose store is able to donate a total of £3,000 to their nominated charities in any given three-month period.

Every customer making a purchase in store will receive a token.  Each customer will be invited to support the charity of their choice by placing the token in one of three boxes.  The boxes are sited in\near to the catering area.

On 30 April 2017 John Lewis Chelmsford will open up each of its three charity boxes and count the number of tokens in each box.  Each of the three charities will receive a proportion of the £3,000 in relation to the amount of tokens that are in each box – for example if the Chelmsford and District Diabetes UK Group receives 20% of the overall amount of tokens given out, it will receive 20% of the £3,000 (£600).

The Chelmsford and District Diabetes UK Group would like to use any funds gained from the John Lewis Partnership to buy educational material.  The educational material will include many aspects of diabetes care from the basics to complications. It is hoped the information will be given out to those who have an interest in diabetes at events across the summer.

If you know anyone, who makes purchases in John Lewis, please ask him or her to support our charity in the coming three months.

Many thanks and happy shopping in John Lewis Chelmsford

Thank you for all those who placed a token in our box at the John Lewis Store.  We made a total of £333.  A truly fantastic amount.