Essex Eye Screening Service - Members meeting

Lorraine Lockwood from the Essex Eye Screening service enlightened the group on how and why the service was formed.  Evidently the NHS is looking to have larger Eye Screening areas to generate a more uniformed service across the UK.  Lorraine was keen to hear from the members of their experiences with the service.  One member suggested the Eye Screening service offer a text messaging facility to remind people that their appointment was iminent.  Lorraine advised the technology for text messaging was about to be installed.  Lorraine asked for ways to encourage working men to attend their appointments.  She advised the service is looking at opening up on Saturdays.  The members thought this was a positive move.   Lorraine closed the meeting by asking for any adverse feedback on the service .  This will then be used to improve the service.

More information on the service can be found by clicking on the following link.