An update on the work of our organisation and the role of local groups - September 2016 meeting

Kath Abrahams, who is the Director of Engagement and Fundraising at Diabetes UK provided the group with an excellent overview on a number of topics.

Topics included in Kath's talk were: -

  • Diabetes UK's new initiative - Tackling the Diabetes Crisis together.
  • Research.
  • The State of the Nation Report.

The new initiative includes working with people in power; investment in research; reducing obesity and therefore reducing the likelihood of people being diagnosed with Type 2; Teaching people to manage their diabetes more effectively; employ the best qualified people.

More research is needed as 1 in 16 people are living with Diabetes in the UK. 10% of people have Type one, and 90% have Type 2.  A further 6 million people are at risk of becoming diabetic.  Diabetes UK have been responsible for many important pieces of research, such as introducing the eye screening service.  Fewer people have lost their sight since this service was introduced.  Diabetes UK has a number of interesting research projects which are in progress at the moment.  They include: -

  • Improving Islet transplants for type one.
  • Preventing immune attack.
  • New technologies - closed loop insulin pump system.  This has been trialed on pregnant women, who have diabetes and has been found to be successful.  The trial is now being extended to include others.
  • Putting type 2 into remission.

The State of the Nation report, which was published in July 2016 revealed an unhealthy picture of Diabetes Services in the United Kingdom.  The numbers of newly diagnosed people receiving education on how to manage their diabetes is exceedingly low.  2% of newly diagnosed diabetics with type one were put on an education course and 6% of type 2's were put on an education course.  Diabetes UK hopes to increase this to 50% within the next 5 years.  Diabetes UK also hopes to realign Diabetes services across the UK so that everyone receives the same amount of care no matter where they live.